Here are a few key things to help you understand how Aleri works:

  • We offer 6 core documents.

  • We also offer features such as document linking, automation, split-screen, exporting, search, color themes, and more.

  • The Aleri documents outlines here are included with every subscription

  • You can add or remove cases, witnesses at anytime

  • All documents are built on the Aleri Platform, which lets you see your information and how it connects together.

What is each document for?

Aleri's documents all contain different features that enable you to engage with the information in your case in different ways for the collective goal of creating better cross-examination questions.

Topics & Questions

Organize your questions by topic. Each topic groups a handful of questions together making it easy to navigate and build off of.

Preparation Chart

Layout all of the statements from the witness as well as other witnesses, facts, and evidence in the case. This chart makes it easy for you to find inconsistencies and transfer that information into questions.

Statement Facts by Topic

Group your statement facts by topic. This makes it easy to start narrowing down the blueprint of your cross-examination.

Statement Summaries

Organize the witness statements with linked documents, reference numbers, and so on. The condensed information is easy to navigate and process.


Walkthrough a checklist of common things that could be used to discredit the witness and add to your examination.

Focus Sheet

Create a Witness Persona. Know who this person is, exactly how they are related to the case, and affect it.

What features do I get with each plan?

All core features are included in each plan. Plans are separated by the number of users and amount of cases.

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