Aleri is a trial preparation platform. It guides you through an easy set of steps to prepare your cross-examination questions efficiently so you can get better results in court and grow your firm and reputation.

What can I do with Aleri?

If you are preparing examination for trial or discovery (depositions) you can use Aleri to:

  • Create Witness Personas: Track, categorize and break down every Witness.

  • Link Documents: Increase your efficiency and oversight by easier linking documents to your case.

  • Summarize, Map, & Compare, Facts & Statements: Turn more statements into key pieces of evidence by quickly mapping the information together into groups of key topics to question the witness on.

  • Organize & Create Questions: Create better questions conveniently linked with a click of a button to every piece of information backing it up. Print them off or bring your laptop to court.

  • Collaborate: Create and share content with other members in your firm to split tasks, or simply have a brainstorming session going.

All Aleri products are built with the goal to make litigators more effective. We remove a lot of the research and organizational task you would normally have to spend time doing before actually preparing for your case. Allowing you to focus on what really matters, the actual case itself.

Who uses Aleri?

  • Criminal Lawyers who want to save time and increase the quality of their work.

  • Personal Injury Lawyers looking for products that will get their clients better results.

  • Other Litigation Lawyers, who want an edge in court and want to be part of a community of people whose common goal is to become better in conducting trials.

  • Litigation Paralegals who need a smarter solution than paper or Word / Google Docs to provide better support to their colleagues.

  • Law Students that want a simple way of learning how to effectively prepare and execute a good cross-examination.

Is Aleri for you?

If you have questions you'd like answered, join us for a live AMA (Ask me anything) webinar, and evaluate if Aleri is right for your business or sign up below for a free trial.

What sets Aleri apart?

Unlike a mix of disconnected solutions (paper, word, google, etc), Aleri brings everything you need to understand, develop, and execute your cross-examination in one simple, integrated platform that easy for everyone in your firm to use.

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